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What Does Medicaid Cover for Long-Term Care?

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As you’re getting older, you’re starting to think about your long-term care. Even though you aren’t sick, you know that a number of health conditions could come up later on, and you want to know that you’ll have the care you need to be as healthy as possible. By learning about what Medicaid will cover, you will gain some peace of mind about your future.

What Medicaid Covers for Long-Term Care

Medicaid is the largest public payer for long-term care services in the United States. It will cover long-term care services in nursing homes, along with custodial care, long-term care services at home, including assistance with personal care and visiting nurses, and long-term home and community-based services like cleaning support and personal care services, as well as case management.

Medicaid and Nursing Homes

If you need to go into a nursing home, Medicaid could cover the expenses for you. If a nursing home is Medicaid certified, then you could get access to services like rehabilitation for an injury, illness, or disability, skilled medical care and skilled nursing, and long-term services you need because of a physical or mental health condition.

Qualifying for Medicaid

Medicaid is available for individuals who meet the required income and asset rules. It’s a public assistance program that will cover your medical expenses if they are high and you don’t have the means to do so yourself. It is a state and federal program, and you can apply for it through Washington State.

Getting in Touch With Legacy Law Group

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