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Legal Guidance for Spokane Valley Families with Adult Children Looking to Create Wills & Living Trusts

As your children grow up, you may find yourself wondering how you can best protect them once you or your spouse have passed away.

It is helpful to meet with a skilled estate planning attorney to prepare for the future, especially when it comes to ensuring that your intentions for how your estate will be distributed will be articulated and upheld. When you meet with one of the dedicated estate planning attorneys at Legacy Law Group, we will make sure that you understand your options for allocating your finances and other assets so that your children receive the support you envision once you pass away.

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Exploring Your Options

There are several strategies for making sure that your adult children receive the support you wish them to receive. For instance, we may discuss the option of establishing a living trust so that your child’s inheritance can be managed and allocated according to your wishes, rather than simply handing them a lump sum all at once. A trust can also help to keep your child’s inheritance secure from their ill-intentioned spouse or from other external temptations. If your child is an adult with special needs, you should also consider appointing a guardian in the event that you are no longer able to provide care for your child. We will help you identify a trusted individual and establish a guardianship so that you can rest easier knowing that your child with special needs will be in good hands, no matter what the future holds.

Keeping the Future Bright

While it is unpleasant to deliberately think about a time when you are no longer able to care for your children, even if they are adults, it is essential that you create a clear and effective estate plan well ahead of time. Once a will and living trust have been created, you can breathe a bit easier with the knowledge that the future of your children remains bright and secure. Reach out to Legacy Law Group today to discuss your estate planning goals and to receive customized legal guidance designed to support your unique vision.

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