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Long-Term Care Planning

Long-Term Care Crisis Preparation

By February 1, 2020November 20th, 2023No Comments
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No one wants to imagine a future where they are suddenly unable to afford to stay in their house or their preferred long-term care facility because these options have become too expensive. Having to scramble to find a solution will likely cause you and your loved ones large amounts of stress and uncertainty, and you may end up somewhere that you never pictured you’d be. As you and your family members plan for your long-term care, it’s essential that you explore a variety of care options that address a number of scenarios. Crisis planning is a practical way of thinking through every possibility so that you have a plan, no matter what comes your way.

Planning Ahead is Key

Although it sounds reasonable to take the time to prepare for a variety of possible scenarios that may arise regarding your long-term care, few Americans actually do this. Many people wait until they are in full-blown crisis mode before frantically searching for places to send their elderly loved one. Perhaps they could no longer afford the hospital or rehab facility, or their Medicaid funds ran out without their knowledge. If you delay these conversations until you are faced with such a major decision about long-term care, you’ll likely be forced to accept the first available option—which is not likely to be your preferred choice. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, contact a knowledgeable elder law attorney as soon as possible to make sure that you are fully prepared to navigate whatever the future may hold.

Do Your Homework

While it may not feel like it’s time to start exploring long-term care facilities, there are several benefits to starting your quest now. Ask people you know and trust about senior care facilities in your area, and do a little research about the programs and amenities they offer. Are you liking for a more communal experience, or do you crave more independence? What happens if you develop a health condition and need skilled medical assistance? What types of payment do they accept? Is the facility covered by Medicaid, and what happens when those funds run out? It’s helpful to have an idea of what each facility offers so that you can plan for a variety of scenarios and make an informed choice when the time comes.

Get a Clear Picture of Your Financial Reality

One of the biggest concerns with aging individuals is the cost of long-term care. While you may assume that Medicare or Medicaid benefits will just be there when you need them, this is just not the reality. Understanding these government-sponsored programs can be difficult, so it’s highly recommended for you to meet with a trusted attorney who specializes in elder law and eldercare. Together, you can go over your financial situation and develop a number of long-term care plans that are consistent with your financial reality.

To learn more about your long-term care options in the Spokane Valley area, reach out to the dedicated legal team at Legacy Law Group today. Call (509) 315-8087 to speak to a compassionate and experienced elder law attorney who is committed to helping you plan for your future.

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