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Long-Term Care Planning

Legal Insights on Long-Term Care Benefits for Spokane Veterans

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If you are a veteran and you live in Spokane, Washington, you may qualify for long-term care benefits for veterans. Long-term care can become very costly, especially if your care needs progress over time. That is why there are veterans benefits for long-term care that can help you pay for the medical assistance you need.

Long-Term Care Benefits for Veterans: What is Required

To qualify for the veteran’s long-term care benefit, you must meet certain requirements. Here are some of the most important requirements that determine veterans long-term care eligibility:

  • If you enlisted after September 7, 1980
  • If you entered active duty after October 16, 1981
  • You have served 24 continuous months or a full period of active duty
  • You were not dishonorably discharged
  • You are a current or former member of the Reserves or National Guard
  • You were exposed to toxins or other hazards during your service
  • You are a combat veteran who was released or discharged on or after September 11, 2001

Keep in mind that there are some exceptions to these requirements that are dependent on when you served and if you were discharged due to disability.

There are also some factors that may make you more likely to receive long-term care benefits for veterans. These factors include:

  • You have received a medal of honor
  • You received a Purple Heart
  • You have a VA pension
  • You were discharged due to a disability resulting from an injury while you were in the line of duty
  • You were discharged due to a disability that got worse in the line of duty
  • You are a former prisoner of war

You will be placed in a higher priority group for disabled veterans’ long-term care benefits if at least one of these factors applies to you. Just keep in mind that you will need to have proof that one or more of these factors applies to your situation.

What Does Long-Term Care For Military Veterans Include?

Veteran long-term care benefits provide veterans with the financial help they need when it comes to more extensive medical care. This can be very beneficial for veterans who may need to live in an assisted living, residential, or home health care facility.

Long-term care services covered by these benefits usually include 24/7 nursing and medical care, physical therapy, assistance with daily tasks, and assistance from caregivers. The disabled veteran’s long-term care benefits can help you pay for nursing homes, assisted-living centers, adult day health centers, and private caregiving homes. These benefits can also be used to help you get long-term care in your own home.

Many veterans may find that they require long-term care depending on the extent of their disability, physical health, and age. Long-term care can help with things like pain management, improved quality of life, physical activity, daily hygiene, and mental stimulation.

Something else to keep in mind is that your VA care benefits will not be impacted if you have other types of health insurance coverage. This means that you can have Medicare, Medicaid, or a private insurance company’s coverage as well as these long-term benefits.

How Do You Apply For Long-Term Care Benefits?

If you believe that you are eligible for long-term care benefits in Spokane, you will need to fill out the application. The good news is that this is a straightforward process that you can do online, over the phone, or by mail. Before you fill out the application, you will need the following information:

  • Social Security numbers for yourself, a spouse, or dependent
  • Military discharge papers
  • Insurance card information from other insurance companies
  • Gross household income
  • Deductible expenses for the past year

It is crucial that you provide all of the information that is required for your application to be approved. One of the most common reasons for applications being denied is due to a lack of substantial evidence and information. You should be prepared to provide information about your discharge, spouse or other dependents, taxes, expenses, and income.

If you are unable to fill out the application yourself, you can always call the toll-free hotline on the VA website to get assistance. You can also request help from an accredited representative, or you can go to your state’s veterans agency to get help in person.

After you have submitted your application for long-term care benefits, you will usually hear back in less than a week. You can also update your information if you realize something is not correct by filling out a health benefits update form and submitting it.

What Happens If Your Application Is Denied?

There are a variety of reasons why your application for long-term care veterans benefits may be denied. This could come down to your household income, expenses, care needs, and the details around your discharge.

Most often, an application will be denied if you do not qualify for these benefits or the legitimacy of the information is called into question. If your application is denied, you have the option of appealing it to the Board of Veterans Appeals to have a veterans law judge review your case. You can also file a clinical appeal to have the VA care team review their decision regarding your treatment of care.

Do You Need an Attorney to Get Long-Term Care Benefits?

If you believe you qualify for long-term care benefits for veterans, it may be a good idea to hire a long-term care attorney. Although this is not required, it can be helpful to have an expert opinion when you are filling out the application.

An attorney can help you with the application process, ensuring everything is correct and you have provided enough information. If, for some reason, your application is rejected, your attorney can help you find other ways of getting the benefits you need.

Get in Touch With an Elder Law Attorney Today

To better understand how to apply for long-term care benefits for veterans, reach out to a long-term care attorney at Legacy Law Group in Spokane Valley. Contact us today at 509-315-8087 to speak with one of our attorneys and get the process started.

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