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How to Encourage an Aging Loved One to Consider Long-Term Care in Washington State

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If you have an aging loved one in your life, it’s a good idea to discuss their long-term care goals. These conversations can be difficult to initiate, as many senior citizens may feel fearful or saddened by the thought of needing skilled care at some point in the future. However, the sooner you can have these conversations, the more time you will have to help your loved one prepare for a number of long-term care options. Planning for long-term care can help you and your loved one financially prepare for these costs and feel more secure about the future. Here are a few ways that you can spark these important conversations with your aging parent or loved one.

Emphasize Your Support

You may have heard about the power of “I” statements; when broaching a sensitive subject, try to frame the conversation from a place of love and support. For instance, instead of saying, “You should think about long-term care,” try, “I care deeply about you and I want you to have access to the support you need as you age.” The more your loved one can hear your genuine concern for their wellbeing, the more open they may feel to engaging in these difficult discussions. It’s also helpful to use “we” statements, such as “we will figure this out together,” in order to signify your commitment to embarking on this journey as a team.

Explore Long-Term Care Options Together

While it may be difficult to arrange in-person tours of long-term care facilities in your area right now, there are several alternative ways to gather information about these programs and care centers. Check out some websites together, looking at the various resources each facility provides. Take a look at some of the activities and opportunities for socialization that each care center offers. If your loved one is adamant about remaining in their home for as long as they can, take some time to research caregivers and accommodations, such as wheelchair ramps, to determine whether this is a feasible option.

Address the Financial Component of Long-Term Care

Your aging loved one is likely most concerned about the emotional aspect of long-term care. However, the financial component of long-term care looms large as well. Take some time to price out various long-term care options so that you and your aging loved one know what to expect. Depending on your circumstances, benefits under the Long-Term Care Trust Act, Medicaid, or a private long-term care insurance plan may be able to assist with the cost. Pricing out long-term care options in Spokane Valley can be a complicated process, so it’s helpful to meet with a knowledgeable long-term care planning attorney who can help you understand your options and achieve your goals.


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