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How Can a Washington Elder Law Attorney Help?

By June 7, 2022May 20th, 2024No Comments
Elderly Man Signing Legal Document for Estate Planning | Elder Law Lawyer​​​ | Legacy Law Group

Now that you’re getting older, you’re starting to think about your future. You have so many questions, and you don’t know the answers to them. For example, where am I going to live? Who is going to take care of me? And how will I pay for my care?

Thankfully, if you hire an elder law attorney, you can gain some insight into how to handle planning for your future. Here are some ways in which a Washington elder law attorney can assist you at this time.

They Can Help You With Long-Term Care

It can be difficult to figure out what type of long-term care you’ll need as well as how you’re going to pay for it. If you hire an elder law attorney, they can give you guidance on your options for long-term care, such as in-home care or care at a nursing home, along with information on how to pay for both.

They Know the Ins and Outs of Retirement Plans

There are different types of retirement plans out there, and you may not know which one to choose. Which plan is going to help you generate the most amount of money you can live on when you retire? And, in general, how much money will you need when you retire? Are you on track in terms of your retirement savings? Your elder law attorney can give you information on the plans and explain them in ways that will make sense. Then, you can make an educated decision.

They Help With Estate Planning

It’s crucial to go through the estate planning process before it’s too late. With estate planning, you can guarantee your wishes will be fulfilled. You can be rest assured that your assets will go to your loved ones as well as avoid probate, a lengthy and time-consuming legal process that the government oversees.

Your elder law attorney will decode the estate planning process and all the legal documents you need. For example, you might not know what a revocable or irrevocable trust, power of attorney, or advance directive are, or why they are important. Your attorney can give you details on all the legal documents you’ll need and show you how your loved ones can get the maximum amount when you pass away. They will assist you with avoiding taxation as much as they can.

Also, a Washington elder law attorney can help you protect yourself when it comes to your care in case you become incapacitated. For example, you may not want to go on a feeding tube. With the right documents in place, you can ensure this doesn’t happen.

They Assist With Medicare and Social Security

Are you looking into getting Medicare and Social Security? The process can be confusing. You can count on an elder law attorney in Washington to help you apply for benefits and go through the appeals process if necessary. By working with an elder law attorney, you can ensure you’re pursuing the right programs and getting the most out of your benefits. You will also guarantee that you’re properly filling out the applications.

Reach Out to Legacy Law Group

If you need help with long-term care planning and have questions about it, you can contact the estate planning attorneys at Legacy Law Group in Eastern Washington, Spokane Valley, and Spokane itself. Get in touch with us at (509) 315-8087.

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