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The churches, mosques, and temples of the Spokane Valley and Eastern Washington are unique in so many ways. Religious organizations are so important to the individuals who make them up and provide a vital service to our communities.

In the United States, religious institutions also occupy a unique legal status which is vital to their growth and financial stability. As a former Lutheran pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Spokane, Steve Wee knows firsthand what it takes to lead a religious organization. Legacy Law Group offers professional church law services and consulting to help religious organizations do their important work.

Changing Regulations for Religious Groups

Although our religions have been around for hundreds and thousands of years, the legal regulations around them are constantly evolving. New court cases and challenges to the exceptional legal status or religious institutions can result in frequent changes to laws that directly affect a religious organization’s ability to support itself and continue to exist. Legacy Law Group provides the legal guidance your church needs to ensure that it remains in compliance with the law and takes advantage of the benefits available to it.

Experienced Church Lawyer

Steve Wee has been serving the Spokane Valley community for almost 20 years and regularly provides legal services for churches and other religious organizations. He understands the unique position of religious institution and can provide comprehensive guidance on many legal issues, including compensation, housing, incorporation, employment, and more. If you have a legal question or are dealing with a legal issue involving your religious organization, we can help.

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