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Caregiver Assignments 101

By May 14, 2021November 20th, 2023No Comments
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As a parent gets older, their children may want to step up and start looking after their needs. This could include taking them to appointments, bathing and dressing them, giving them medicine, and making their meals.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and people are doing what they’re supposed to for the parent, they could create a caregiver assignment.

What Is a Caregiver Assignment?

A caregiver assignment is a legal document that defines how and who is going to care for someone. This is an important legal document even if family members decide to hire an outsider, such as a caregiver agency, to look after their loved one. It describes the duties entailed, the type of care the loved one is going to receive, the costs of the care, Medicaid information, and any other necessary details involving the person’s care.

Why Create a Caregiver Assignment?

It’s important to create this legal document so that a loved one is receiving the care they need, and everyone is on the same page regarding their care, including the recipient. It is also necessary because it safeguards the caregiver because they know exactly what their responsibilities are and how they should act accordingly. For instance, if a family member instructs an outside caregiver to perform an act that’s not in the agreement, they may choose not to do it if it makes them uncomfortable. It will help family members and anyone else involved avoid conflicts and surprises at a time when they are likely already stressed out.

When creating a caregiver assignment, any family members that want to be included should be. They can approach an attorney to create a document, and then have the involved parties sign it.

Contacting an Attorney

If you need assistance with caregiver assignments, you can contact the estate planning attorneys at Legacy Law Group in Eastern Washington, Spokane Valley, and Spokane itself. Get in touch with us at (509) 315-8087.

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