Reasons to Choose a Will over a Revocable Living Trust in Spokane

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Are you trying to decide between establishing a will or a revocable living trust in Spokane, Washington? This can be a complicated matter, especially if you’re not familiar with estate planning. To make an informed decision, you must be familiar with probate. Probate is the process of administering the estate of someone who has passed away. This includes following the instructions provided by a will and addressing claims made against the deceased. While this process can be long and expensive in other states, Washington residents rarely have any problems. As a result, a will is often a better option. Keep the following factors in mind as you decide which is right for you in Spokane.


It’s much more expensive for a lawyer to create and maintain a living trust than it is to establish a simple will.


Choosing a living trust over a will means you will be responsible for transferring all of your assets over the course of your lifetime. This can be difficult. If left undone, the probate process will probably be more complicated.


Living trusts are much more complex than wills are. It’s not uncommon for people to have problems understanding their own estate planning documents.

Want to Speak with a Lawyer about Your Will in Spokane?

Do you need to speak with a lawyer about your will in Spokane, Washington? While revocable living trusts are sometimes the right answer, it’s important to speak with a professional about your specific circumstances before finalizing your estate plans. Contact the experts at Legacy Law Group in Spokane today! Our lawyers can provide the guidance you need to move forward. We’ve built our reputation on being courteous, compassionate, and capable of handling any business law or church law needs. You can also count on us when developing a living will or health care directives.

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