Family Estate Planning Questions to Consider in Cheney

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family estate planning

Have you and your significant other taken the necessary legal precautions to protect your children if something happens to both of you in Cheney, Washington? Family estate planning is important for couples of every age, especially if children are involved. While the hope is that you will be an active participant in their lives, accidents do happen. It’s always better to be prepared. While a lawyer can provide assistance specific to your circumstances, ask yourself these questions before estate planning in Cheney.

1. Who do you want to take care of your children in your absence?

You and your significant other need to select the individual(s) you want to care for your children if you die at the same time. Many parents identify guardians in wills and trusts. Be sure to inform the person or persons in question about your desires before finalizing your family estate planning paperwork.

2. How will your children receive your estate assets?

Without input from you, your children will have access to your assets via their new legal guardian, but only with court approval. Afterward, all remaining assets would be distributed without condition. An estate planning lawyer can, however, help you create more specific distribution guidelines.

3. Who is best suited to administer your estate?

Estate administrators are responsible for managing your assets in your absence. Whether planning for children or not, identifying someone you can trust in this role is important. He or she must be at least 18 years old and will need to liquidate and then distribute your assets.

Ready to Begin Family Estate Planning in Cheney?

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