Establishing a Health Care Directive in Liberty Lake

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health care directive

By law, you’re allowed to share your health care preferences and/or appoint someone to do it for you in Liberty Lake, Washington. Because you might not always be able to do this verbally, you should establish a health care directive. This isn’t the best option for everyone, however. Therefore, make sure to speak with a lawyer first. Keep the following information about health care directives in mind as you work on estate planning in Liberty Lake.

What is a Health Care Directive?

Health care directives are written documents that explain an individual’s healthcare wishes. They often cover a variety of topics and appoint an agent to make decisions about situations not specifically mentioned. People 18 years and older can usually create them at any time.

Why Should You Have One?

Establishing a health care directive can be very helpful. In cases where you’re unable to communicate your wishes, a directive can provide guidance to the attending physician. Your agent can also provide valuable input or make medical decisions on your behalf.

How Does the Process Work?

Every state has slightly different guidelines for establishing health care directives, but most have similar requirements. You’ll need to provide the directives in writing, with your name, and it must be signed.

Ready to Establish a Health Care Directive in Liberty Lake?

Are you ready to establish a health care directive in Liberty Lake, Washington? Now that you know more about the process, it’s time to speak with an estate lawyer in your area. To receive expert advice and quality representation, contact Legacy Law Group in Spokane today! Our highly-trained and experienced lawyers will happily provide the guidance you need moving forward. We’ve built our reputation on being courteous, compassionate, and capable. Our firm can also assist with business law and church law, as well as living wills.

Health Care Directives in Liberty Lake

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